C R Lord Writing Examples  From The Book

Here are portions of some of C R Lord's poetry and non-poetic writing.  The first six examples  of poetry come from various sections of the book the other two are some of the book's non poetic introductions. Here's what some readers have to say about the book.

"C R Lord is not just an author - he's a true poet with a special gift.  His poetry will stir your emotions and strengthen you as you bask in the sun of God's love."  Dr. Richard Tate, Founder of Tate Publishing

"Knowing the author personally and having read what I consider to be a wonder resource full of inspiring words, I highly recommend this labor of love for our Lord Jesus."  Ronald R. Mueller, MBA Author of the Best Selling Tax Reduction Guide

"Once you begin reading this book by C. R. Lord, you will be convinced, as I have been, that he is an apt man of letters, an agile poet and gifted writer."   Dr. John Q. Kenzy, President of Youth Challenge

Praise  (from the book introduction)

Should praise be given for a gift,                                     That God alone can give?                                              Yes, but to God be all the praise,                                     As long as we shall live.                                                  

Hear O' Church

Oh, how we strive and battle so,                                      As verse by verse we cite,                                              God's Word with great intensity,                                      To prove our view is right.


Poetry says many things,                                                Some of them very true,                                                 But poetry could ne'er express,                                      The love God has for you.

Child Of Darkness Or Light

It is amazing that so many people living today and through past ages will avoid  what is most important to them.  Just a few examples will clarify what is easily identifiable   to us all.

Like Children                                  

How dear and precious is a child to me,                        A lesson for this oft' proud heart to learn,                      Of beauty that is simple - trusting -free,                      O'er which a multitude of people yearn.                        

Wee Little Hands

Wee little hands that are squeezing my face,             Make my heart feel strangely warm,                              And in the soft, chubby childlike embrace,                 There's no intention to harm.                                       

Try To Imagine  (based on Luke 10:38-42 KJV) 

Try to imagine, if you can, how sweet,                  It was when Mary knelt at Jesus' feet,          While quietly she listened to him tell,             The things that made her very being swell

Rick's Pawn Shop  (a little humor)

Come to Rick's pawn shop where the customer  is always king, and you are guaranteed that you will never be rooked.  The shop is endorsed by Bishop Cantrell who had a set made for Queen Annabelle.