Digital Products Offered In The Store

                         We have a great selection of original Video Covers and Downloadable Poetry Prints, and more will be added as we continue to                     build our inventory and selection to provide more content for our customers.  A lot of content has a Christian theme but I have              created some Content that is either secular, political or general in scope so that it would apply to everyone.    

NOTE: Please be sure to read the instructions concerning the use of the downloadable products. When you purchase video covers you will get the blank cover already resized to fit you tube and vimeo videos.  If you want to use the full content on the cover purchase page you'll need to save it to your device.  Example: Deep Purple Love will show up on the purchase page.  If you add it to your cart you'll receive the blank.  The poem must be copied to your device. This also applies to the America First Cover Below.  If you have any questions concerning this please refer them to us on the contact page.  

The other two images are what you would receive when you place your order.  There is no blank for these downloadable poetry prints.  The poems are for your enjoyment to keep or share and the poetry can be copied and used separate from the image providing you give the author full credit for his work.   

Below Are Some Samples Offered For Download

About everything offered on this site that is downloadable is also able to be modified if you have the right software on your computer.
You can resize the blanks and printed items as well for whatever purpose you choose.  Be sure to give the author full credit for all copyrighted items.