What's In Your Wallet?
A Beautiful Old Tale revised by C R Lord for today's 
children, parents, grandchildren and grandparents

What's In Your Wallet

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A Very Beautiful Story/Lesson ForChildren  (and adults)

What's In Your Wallet is a beautiful story and a lesson on character woven in.  The original story was created in a book which bore the title "Truth In Tale" written by W. Boyd Carpenter, D.D. who was the Bishop of Ripon.  Ripon was a cathedral city in North Yorkshire and featured and still features Ripon Cathedral where the author of the book taught.  He book of 16 stories was written for children who were attendingthe cathedral, and they are all character building.

This is a revised version to bring the language into this generation.  

  There were no pictures in the original book so I added some.  The pictures in the header above are samples from the book.   The four pictures below are sample pages from the beginning.

Pages From The Book

An introduction to What's In Your Wallet in pictures.

Factoid One

The names of the four sons in the book were not names that    would be given in our generation and may even have caused some mockery if they were, so I made the decision to use four of our grandchildren as the four sons in the story.  The oldest child from each of our four married children

Factoid Two

There were no pictures in the original book, so I sought, found and applied some pictures that I thought might go well with the various passages of the story.  The original story was in the public domain automatically in the right to use sphere as were all the pictures that I chose and applied.