A Booklet That Teaches A Very Important And Valuable Lesson To Big  Kids And Small Kids Alike

This is a poem written by C R Lord that teaches a valuable lesson that all people in most ages of life should learn about the correct attitude to have when you achieve great things and get noticed. 

The C R Lord Book Series

These are the works of C R Lord in a format that is easy to read. Original Quotes is the accumulation of 79 years of life's observations and lessons and is 17 pages in length.  The Genesis One Study is the first chaper of the Bible with verse by verse commentary based on the author's own study and it is 39 pages in length.  Rome The Eternal City and Wittenberg And The Reformation are college papers created for class and requiring plenty of research.  You will benefit from the observations of the author and both works can prove to be useful to college students, Bible students at home or church and Sunday School classes.  Both offer a refreshingly original  account as seen through the eyes of the author.   There will be more books to come as time permits.  Enjoy and be blessed!