Downloadable Video Covers - 40 Different And More To Come

The Video Covers on this page are examples of what can be done with the blanks available on this site.  Each image on this page is an example of one of the blank covers if they are altered.  To order the blank just order through the catalog link by clicking on video covers, picking your selection and then adding it to your cart..  You will receive a background blank that matches the example.  In addition the examples below can be downloaded simply by clicking and copying the image to your computer.  All the video covers ordered are automatically 1280 x 720 pixels which is the size needed for You Tube and/or Vimeo videos.

C R Lord's copyright is on most of the images on this site, and those who purchase the video covers are free to copy the examples and use them as well on your blog or website or wherever you might want to use them provided that full credit is given to the author.  In this way you can actually choose to obtain both the blank background and the author's creative writing If believe you can use them.  Any questions?  Be sure to contact us about them.