I'm Aiming to bring glory to god by all i do, say or think

I am not stressed and I am blessed.  I enjoy what I am doing and enjoy doing things for others.  I am very settled in life and more than willing to share how I got to where I am.  I said all that to say this: This ministry is not like any other ministry online in that I am one individual with my own understanding of scripture.  My one mission in life is to obey God's call to bring the gospel to all who will read it or hear it in such a way that God will be honored, glorified and praised and his word will not be perverted by me or anyone else.  God said it, and that settles it whether I or anyone else believes it or not.  On the day all who ever lived stand in judgment, I don't expect anyone to accuse me of leading them astray.  I am ready to admit I am wrong if proven wrong by substantial proofs which I must determine myself.  

I do not seek the praise of men nor am I will never be intimidated by the growls, frowns and threats of those who disagree with what I share on this site.  Long ago I was taught to "call a spade a spade."  Because of that I will not seek to please persons whose lifestyle runs contrary to the scripture to appease them.  What the Bible says about life issues is what I'll adhere to forever.  Galatians 1:10 tells me that if I seek to please men I am no longer the servant of Christ.  My relationship with my Lord and Salvior transcends all other allegiances irrespective of who or what they might be.