Physical Products Offered In The Store

    We have a great selection of Art Prints with and without mats.  Our prints with mats are limited to one of a kind. The matted prints total around 40       and each one is unique in the coloring of the mats so there might be three of one print but each mat is different.  When they're sold they're gone.   

NOTE:  Please be sure to read the instructions concerning the use of the poetry on the poetry prints.  The same applies to all prints.

Below Are Two Prints With Mats And Two Without Mats

The prints below are all C R Lord poetry on art prints.  The two on the left are without mats and the two on the right are with mats.  Clink on the link below to read the content of each prints or to purchase the one you like.  These can also be ordered by accessing the catalog.  Click the catalog link in the menu above.