Special Prints with Mats

The first three prints below are special prints from an old book.  The first one is the 23rd Psalm, the second is the "Golden Rule" and the third is the Lord's Prayer.  The fourth print pictured below is a rare for two reasons.  The first reason is that this art print is no long available so it will never appear anwhere again.  The second reason this poem is rare is in the content.  11 Song titles are intertwined in the verses of the poem (hence the title),  and each prints is individually signed and numbered.  There are five of the same print and they are numbered 1 to 5 and signed on the front.  This is  a unique item that, like all the other matted prints, once it is gone it is gone forever.  Perhaps someone might want to have all five so then they have an exclusive collection never to be reproduced.  Imagine being the person who purchased all five knowing you have the only print like this in existence!  In that case the price would be reduced from $90 to $75.  A special purchase with a special price!     If these prints are sold separately they will be sold for the original price of $18.00 each.